J Street U Board Condemns T-Shirts Glorifying Terrorism

The J Street U National Student Board joins with J Street in condemning t-shirts bearing the image of convicted airline hijacker Leila Khaled as being hateful and inimical to our fundamental commitment to a non-violent, negotiated resolution to the Israel-Palestinian conflict.

Glorifying terrorism is abhorrent to us as people committed to a peaceful and secure Israel living alongside the future state of Palestine.

The pictures of two people wearing the t-shirt were taken at an event last year at Washington University. The program was sponsored by three organizations and was open to the public. The two people pictured are not and never have been J Street U leaders, nor do they represent the organization in any way.

The false allegations were based on a selective excerpting of a Facebook exchange, which excluded the student in question’s explication that while he attended J Street U events many of his personal positions are “not in line with the J Street line,” and that he “does not represent the organization in any way.” The full exchange can be viewed here.