Invest, Don’t Divest.

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This week, many campuses around the country are preparing to dive into the tired battle over whether Israel is always right, or always wrong.

But what Israel needs at this critical juncture is not another PR battle that distracts us from the real issues, but genuine concrete investments in the two-state solution, and the region’s future.

This BDS movement is spreading to campuses across the country but We should be investing – not divesting – in our campus debate, in our communities and in the people who will bring about change in the region.

Join our “Invest, Don’t Divest” campaign and invest in this issue in one or more of the following ways: Invest $2 for 2 States. The money will go towards two organizations that help set the context for a sustainable peace — LendforPeace.org, a Palestinian microfinance organization set up by students like us, and The Center for Jewish-Arab Economic Development, which promotes Jewish-Arab Economic Cooperation in Israel.

• Set up a table on campus and ask students to donate $2 for 2 states. Don’t forget to bring a sign-up sheet and a flyer for your next meeting.

Write an op-ed to your campus paper about why we need to invest, not divest, in our campus debate, in our communities and in the people who will bring about change in the region. Use our talking points to assist you as you write.

• Invest in your campus debate and community. Check out our programs we’ve put together to help you facilitate a discussion about why a broad debate is important on campus.

• Host an Invest in Two States event on your campus and dig a little deeper into questions of peace and economic development.

• Turn a push for divestment into a drive for socially responsible investment. Check out Mejdi to learn about socially responsible Israeli and Palestinian companies.

• Purchase one of our Invest in peace t-shirts, and help us spread the word about our campaign. You can even buy a bunch to sell on campus. These shirts are ethically made from Israeli and Palestinian companies and each purchase will contribute $2 to the campaign.