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    • American Jews, money and the Israel-Palestine conflict

      J Street U communications co-chair Benjy Cannon wrote, “Understanding the American Jewish connection to human rights in Israel and Palestine requires looking beyond funding to human rights groups. While there are significant funding obstacles, both in the US, Israel and the Palestinian territories for human rights organizations, American Jews have doubled down in pursuit of […]

    • Event at Hillel sparks criticism, discussion about campus group’s policies

      Describing a recent J Street and Hillel-sponsored event with Breaking the Silence as “very successful,” J Street Wash U Campus Coordinator Elisabeth Housman said, “One third of the Washington University student body is Jewish… We think J Street is making a great contribution to their understanding. We had so many people there that we had […]

    • Hillel fosters pro-Israel community on campus

      Washington University in St. Louis Hillel Director Jacqueline Levey explained why Hillel allowed J Street U to host an event with Breaking the Silence. Read the full article here.

    • Progressive Jewish Group J Street Comes to Hopkins

      At the J Street U student town hall in Baltimore, J Street U National Student Board Member Rachel Cohen said, “It’s not enough to say you support two states. You have to take action to achieve it.” Read the full article here.