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    • Young Israelis Say No to Separate Buses

      Sigal Samuel reported that “young Israelis don’t want separate bus lines for Palestinians — and they’re asking American Jews to ensure segregation never becomes a reality. That’s the nutshelled version of a letter sent today by Young Israeli Labor, the official youth branch of the Labor Party, to the leaders of major American Jewish organizations… […]

    • An ADL That Supports A Two-State Solution Should Understand Settlements’ Significance

      J Street U Student Board Northwest Representative Gabriel Erbs warned that “if it refuses to come to terms with the threat settlement building poses to Israel’s diplomatic standing and domestic security, the ADL’s advocacy for Israel will continue to be insufficient and self-defeating.” Read the full article here.

    • The disheartening reality of our campus’ Israel climate

      “Where are the impassioned voices of the summer, now that the violence has ended?” asked J Street U at American University Co-Chairs Katie Corwin and Hannah Ehlers. “If we cannot come together as a community to mourn, how can we hope to address the real underlying issues of the conflict and move forward productively? Read […]

    • A vigil for peace: Tufts Students for Two States unites under a common vision

      J Street U Tufts Community Engagement Chair Noah Weinberg, Tufts American-Israel Alliance Campus Liaison Keren Hendel and Tufts Hillel Student Executive Board President Jonah Harris wrote that “Tufts Students for Two States is a broad coalition of pro-Israel members of the Tufts University community that stands united in our shared belief that a two-state solution […]