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    • Students honor Gaza’s dead at candlelight vigil

      “J Street U Northwestern, a group advocating a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine, will also hold a vigil Thursday to mourn casualties on both sides of the conflict.” Read the full article here.

    • New student group advocates for justice in Palestine

      Discussing a recent student vigil which mourned the civilian lives lost in the Gaza war, J Street U Occidental Co-Chair Ben Poor said, “Our main goals were that people walk away with a sense of togetherness, with a sense that as Americans, as all people, we have some investment in this conflict… I hope people […]

    • Abbas looks to students in Palestinian statehood campaign

      In the audience of President Abbas’ address to students at Cooper Union, J Street U Columbia Co-Chair Ariella Hohl said, “If we want to see peace, we also have to choose policy that is pro-peace. And that doesn’t necessarily mean unconditional support.” Read the full article here.

    • Media scrutiny of Israel leaves some at Univ. of Maryland feeling slighted

      Jacob Magid, a board member of J Street University of Maryland, said, “We criticize Israel because we want to see the best Israel there is… We don’t want to shrug it off or play the victim card–we want to change it… We should be setting the bar for standards that we expect to hold.” Read […]