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    • What’s Eric Fingerhut Doing at a Jerusalem U Event?

      At a screening of a film produced by the far-right “Jerusalem U,” J Street U Director Sarah Turbow said, “There are many organizations in the pro-Israel sphere that talk about themselves as apolitical. But I don’t believe that there is a way to educate about Israel without being political. It would have been very interesting […]

    • UCLA Jewish groups condemn David Horowitz for creating #JewHaters posters

      J Street U at UCLA unequivocally condemned the actions taken by David Horowitz, who hung up posters reading, “#JewHaters.” Read the full article here.

    • Where does American funding for Israel go?

      Southwest Representative to the J Street U National Board Ben Poor wrote that “as an American Jew who advocates for a two-state solution and Israeli democracy, I often hear that if I want to advocate for my vision of Israel’s future, I have to move to Israel. If I wanted to sit on my couch, […]

    • J Street U takes on Jewish community’s ‘hypocrisy’ on occupation

      J Street U said that it intends to act against what it describes as the Jewish community’s “hypocrisy” and to galvanize it to speak out against settlements and occupation that “endanger the future of Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.” “The Jewish community was really silent and failed to show support for John Kerry’s […]