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    • Yossi Klein Halevi criticizes “emotional gap” between American and Israeli Jews

      “In a lecture co-hosted by J Street UPENN and the Penn Israel Public Affairs Committee, both part of Hillel’s Israel sector, [Yossi Klein] Halevi expressed his deep concern about the growing ‘emotional gap’ between Israeli and American Jews. He said that the Israeli Jews’ responses to the same question would likely elicit words like anger […]

    • US Jewish students’ difficulties draw notice of Knesset panel

      Defending J Street from attacks from a Knesset panel, J Street Director of Communications Jessica Rosenblum said, “J Street U plays a critical role in efforts to oppose BDS resolutions on campuses across the country. Our participation in these working coalitions that include campus Hillels and AIPAC affiliates, among others, has allowed those who fight […]

    • Hillel silence on bus policy makes loud political statement

      J Street UC Berkeley students Sonia Brin, Tiana Cherbosque and Aron Egelko warned, “By consistently ignoring the occupation of the West Bank and by deciding not to speak out against anti-democratic actions in Israel, Hillel has been making a clear political choice. This choice contradicts its stated principles, and represents an ineffective and inadequate leadership […]

    • A ‘general’ concern

      Joshua Runyan mentioned J Street U National Student Board Southeast Representative Amna Farooqi in his discussion of the Jewish Federations of North America’s General Assembly. “More needs to be done to make people such as Farooqi feel welcome,” noted Runyan. “Generational divides not only have consequences for Israel, they also have the power to fundamentally […]