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    • Student groups confront Israeli-Palestinian conflict

      “Another group advocating for awareness of the conflict and violence between Israel and Palestine is J Street U VA. On a national level, J Street also offers a political outlet for pro-Israel students in the United States working for a peaceful resolution between Israel and Palestine. Group members promote an independent Palestinian state. Read the […]

    • Suppressing Israeli leftists sends American Jews the wrong message

      J Street U National Student Board President Benjy Cannon stressed that “Jewish Americans should listen to Israeli peace activists when they tell us that silencing criticism undermines the future of the Jewish state, and incorporate this worldview in our own activism.” Read the full article here. 

    • Campuses Hone Tactics As BDS Wars Loom

      J Street U Director Sarah Turbow said that J Street U is preparing to come “back to campus with a student population that is far more aware and probably very angry and very frustrated about the current situation regardless of their political faction.” Read the full article here. 

    • U.S. students ramp up BDS movement in wake of Gaza war

      “‘We all know there will all be a very charged atmosphere on campus, that there will be a lot of anger and heated rhetoric across the spectrum around the [Gaza] crisis in particular,” said Ira Stup, J Street U’s outgoing director. Most of the 110 students who attended J Street U’s Summer Leadership Institute on […]