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    • Five things Jewish-American leaders must know about college students

      J Street U National Student Board President Benjy Cannon told the American Jewish Committee that young American Jews “don’t want to just see you blame the Palestinians and console the conservative pro-Israel echo chamber; we want you to hold Israel’s leaders accountable and show leadership toward a sustainable peace.” Read the full article here.

    • West Bank land grab undermines two-state advocacy

      J Street University of Southern California leader Yasmeen Serhan wrote, “As a Palestinian-American who wishes to see a peaceful resolution to this interminable conflict, my confidence in the peace process has been rocked many times–but rarely more than after this [latest settlement] announcement… To be a true friend to Israel, the Obama administration needs to […]

    • Bereaved parents talk Israeli-Palestinian conflict

      J Street U Yale Co-founder Nate Swetlitz, who moderated an event with Parents Circle Forum, an organization that brings together bereaved Israeli and Palestinians, said, “These people are wonderful models for what we are all striving for… I think it’s especially important … with all the divisiveness, slander, hate speech and polarization that’s occurred over […]

    • Alone on campus in the Israel-Palestinian dispute

      Lamenting how the Gaza war has driven pro-Israel and pro-Palestinian students further apart, J Street U Vassar Co-founder Samantha Kohl wrote, “Never has the need for two states for two peoples been more apparent… Even in the face of fear and isolation, I for one refuse to look away.” Read the full article here.