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    • A prayer for peace

      J Street U at Berkeley leader Ariel Brenner argued, “Nothing is going to end the ever-heightening escalation of violence other than a peace agreement; there is no other viable long-term solution. What are we going to do to make that a reality?” Read the full article here.  

    • Undermining Hamas Through Moderation

      J Street U Georgetown Co-President Elijah Jatovsky wrote, “As Israel rightfully defends itself against Hamas’ terror, it must simultaneously make efforts to bolster moderation among Palestinians and to support calls for renewed diplomacy.” Read the full article here. 

    • The universalism of Jewish Americans is what drives their Israel activism

      J Street U Communications Co-Chair Benjy Cannon said, “Wanting the national iteration of Judaism to live up to universalistic values has actually compelled hundreds of young Jewish activists to get involved with J Street. Despite a deep appreciation for other issues and other problems, leaders at over 60 campuses of US universities and colleges have […]

    • Stance Against the American Studies Association’s vote to Boycott Israeli Institutions

      J Street U Portland State Co-Chair Robyn Gottlieb wrote that “a peaceful, lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict—with a state for Israel and a state for Palestine—will only be achieved through constructive dialogue between the parties… This is precisely why the ASA’s decision to boycott Israeli academic institutions is so counterproductive. The ASA boycott silences […]