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    • Stanford Stands Against Anti-Semitism

      “‘Everyone here tonight is showing that hate and prejudice do not belong on this campus,” J Street U [Stanford] co-president Julia Daniel ’17 told the crowd. ‘I hope we can follow this gathering with communication, education and with action to make this school a better place for all of its students.’” Read the full article […]

    • U. Penn Hillel Hosts Event With ‘Palestine’ Group — But Was It Against The Rules?

      “Hillel’s strict pro-Israel guidelines suffered another major blow Sunday as the group’s chapter at the University of Pennsylvania openly hosted an event co-sponsored by a pro-Palestinian student group that supports boycotting the Jewish state… Billed as an ‘open conversation’ between the Israeli left and the Palestinians, the event was organized by Open Hillel, a student […]

    • Letting young Jews lead the conversation in the Diaspora

      “Empower young Jews to act on their own ideas and values,” urged J Street U National Student Board President Benjy Cannon. “Interfaith marriage, Israel/Palestine, and oppression worldwide – require more than dialogue. We have to demonstrate willingness to both have the challenging conversations, and to make the tough choices they inevitably lead to.” Read the […]

    • A broken conversation: Israel/Palestine at Macalester and beyond

      J Street U Macalester Co-Chairs Jacob Kraus, Heather Renetzky and Louis Hunter wrote, “When it comes to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, people often talk past each other rather than with each other. We firmly believe that working together and creating political change is the only real path to ending the occupation and fostering a more just, […]